CelebrityBrow™ Eyebrow Shaping Stencils (set of 24)


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Frustrated you can’t seem to keep a steady hand for the ideal contour?

With CelebrityBrow™, you can have perfect eyebrows with the stroke of a wrist

Want to get perfectly shaped eyebrows like your favourite celebrities?

  • Easily draw perfect, fabulous and identical brows 

  • Simply choose your preferred shape stencil from 24 different styles

  • Outline your perfect brow in seconds

  • Pick a different arch every day to match your mood and makeup style

  • Without effort and without expensive makeup kits 

  • No starting over, no wiping multiple times, no smudges

Now you too can have beautiful celebrity eyebrows!

Have precise, sharp and identical eyebrows, without effort and without expensive makeup kits.

They’re incredibly easy to use in four simple steps.

  1. Pick one of the many stylish variations
  2. Align it with your brows 
  3. Trace out an astonishing eyebrow
  4. Repeat with your other brow

CelebrityBrow™ turns your pencil into a scalpel and gives you the precision of a surgeon, for perfectly mirrored eyebrows.



Built with highly durable ABS plastic, the stencils are flexible and long-lasting.

CelebrityBrow™ is reusable so you can rock your favourite style anytime.