CoolMum™ Maternity Backpack Bag


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Are you stressed out as a new mom?

Whew! You’re human after all! A TODAY show poll revealed American moms’ stress level is nearly 9 out of 10!

This might be the best maternity bag you've ever wanted.

Every mother who tried it swears by it!

  • It’s very chic and has pockets for everything so you can keep things organised
  • It packs so much you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for space
  • The easy access zippers to all compartments mean you can carry in style everything your baby needs
  • Your baby’s food stays warm all-day long due to the special insulating material
  • It's waterproof and super easy to clean
  • It matches any outfit and any occasion
  • Can be used as handbag or backpack
  • You can pack extra stuff thanks to its tight seams and firm handles that will hold up perfectly
  • Comes in gender-neutral colours, so the design fits both men and women!

You need all the help you can get. You don’t want to feel disorganised and awkward when you step out with your baby.

Now you can travel with peace of mind and look great doing it!

Get one for your close friends - they'll appreciate it more than you know! 

Who says you can’t pack all you need in one stylish bag? Imagine having a bag that gets you compliments and fits everything your baby needs.

This versatile CoolMum Maternity backpack is super handy. It makes sorting through a bunch of baby stuff easy and helps you keep things organised when you’re on-the-go!


You're a mom, so your daily to-do list includes channeling your inner Wonder Woman while you're counting the hours until bedtime. And trying to look like you've got your ducks in a row while doing it all.

There are so many essentials to carry around, it’s easy to mix things up or forget something really important. 

CoolMum is made backpack style to free up both your hands while carrying it around. 

There’s enough space to fit everything your baby needs and more, with more than 10 zippers and compartments.

You won't forget anything — bottles, wipes or your wallet. Yes, it has space for your stuff too!