EasyDust™ Electric Feather Duster


Getting rid of dust is a lost battle?

EasyDust is the secret weapon you need to get rid of household dust!

  • It's a battery-powered electric feather duster that helps you effortlessly clean all surfaces
  • Perfect for reaching corners and tight spaces your hands can’t
  • This duster will cut hours out of your cleaning routine and leave you with more spare time to relax
  • Use it to dust everything from tables and shelves to books, lighting and crystal glasses
  • It comes with brushes in 3 different lengths, so you can customise your duster according to your needs
  • Ergonomic handle is designed for effortless dusting
  • It’s easy and practical to use and will make cleaning much quicker and more fun

Say goodbye to dust, with the electric EasyDust™!

Fibre bristles attract dust through static electricity, so there won’t be a single dust particle left behind.

Simply attach the brush to the handle and switch it on. Now it won't take hours to make sure that your house is dust-free.

EasyDust™ helps you dust your books, tables and shelves, cleanintricate chandeliers, even fragile vases and crystal glasses.

The soft fibres won’t damage your furniture or objects.



Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). It's recommended to use rechargeable batteries or high-quality alkaline batteries. Poor quality batteries will limit the maximum rotating speed of this device.