Focallure™ Long Lasting Waterproof Lipstick


Does your lipstick get smudgy and wear off when you eat?

It's frustrating! You can't grab a midday snack or drink without looking like a teenager with a smudged lipstick

You deserve a lipstick that fits your lip colour and stays on all-day!

The revolutionary Focallure™ Waterproof Lipstick:

  • Is easy to apply and comfortable on your lips
  • Its liquid and takes less than 2 minute to apply
  • Your lips stay hydrated and soft all-day with its moisturising ingredients.
  • Breakthrough waterproofing technology protects your lipstick from water, soap and even grease from burgers
  • Different bold colour and cool shades will enhance your natural lip colour and turn heads when you walk into a room!
  • Its unique hygroscopic composition absorbs water keeping your lips moisturised for up to 18 hours!
  •  Just one application and it lasts throughout the day.
  • Smells like sugary cookies and tastes good for when you can't resist licking your lips

Ready to unleash the bolder you and make your face pop?

Your lips capture attention when you walk in a room and keep them wondering. You can feel the eyes on your skin, the admiration, the attention!

But here's the problem... Your lips lose their shine faster than Cinderella lost her shoe.

Your lipstick gets smudged and wears off before you even realise.

But if Cinderella had glass slippers that were a perfect fit, you deserve a lipstick that fits your lip colour and stays on all-day!

Do you desire the freedom to eat, drink and kiss, without looking like a teenager with a smudged lipstick? And without having to touch up every 10 minutes?

The bold colour variations will turn heads when you walk into a room…

Choose the tone that matches your outfit and slay!

Want something classic? There are cool shades that will enhance your natural lip colourJust one application and the lipstick lasts all day!

Take the bold step, wear a bold colour and get your freedom now with this revolutionary long-lasting Focallure waterproof lipstick!

It's incredibly easy to apply and comfortable on your lips. You won't even know its there! 

This matte lipstick helps you stand out anywhere you go.

It looks amazing and it feels great to wear from day till dawn. Moisturising ingredients ensure your lips stay hydrated and soft all-day.