SafeHands™ Anti-Cut Resistant Safety Gloves



Keep your hands safe from sharp objects with special cut resistant gloves

- You risk nasty cuts, bandaged fingers and trips to the ER every time you use a knife!

- Protects your hands from cuts and greatly reduces chance of hurting yourself

- Breathable and comfortable while keeping your hands safe around sharp objects

- Highest level of cut protection material: 4 times stronger than leather

- Superior grip with a snug fit for your complete precision and dexterity

- Easy to sanitise and keep clean by washing with mild detergent

- Ideal for cutting, working with mandolin slicers, knives, graters and peelers in the kitchen, woodworking, carving and so much more…


You deserve to stop living in fear of hurting yourself - especially if you're not the most agile person when using a knife.

Protects you against the danger of cutting your fingers when using a grater, cutting knife, scissors or any sharp objects.

A mug or glass lays shattered on the floor and you're not sure how to handle it? Clean up the broken glass in seconds with your cut-resistant gloves.

If you're a woodcarver, love gardening, need to do some repairs or if you're a professional mechanic, this is the perfect solution for you!

Important: Please note that these gloves greatly reduce the risk of injury from sharp objects, but are not guaranteed to leave you completely unharmed in all situations. Be careful not to cut yourself even when you are wearing these. They are not designed to be cut-proof, but to offer protection against cut-related accidents.