ShapeShift™ 4-in-1 Reflective Handbag


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Have you seen the bag everyone is raving about?

It’s stressful having to swap bags for different occasions.

With the stylish ShapeShift™ 4-in-1 Handbag:

  • You can quickly change the shape, size, and style of your bag
  • Have your purse fit any outfit or occasion in seconds!
  • You can rock 4 different styles 
  • And have enough room to fit everything you need!
  • The unique reflective material shines in the sun
  • Mesmerise everybody who sees you and be the talk of the town
  • Adjustable handles and strong buckles help you quickly cycle between the 4 styles
  • Made with high-quality dirt-resistant material that stays clean all-day!

Own 4 different bags for the price of one!

Within a few seconds, cycle between the 4 different styles:

  1. The roomy Shop Til You Drop shape
  2. The Classic Bucket style
  3. The small cute Diamond style
  4. The special Pyramid shape


Use the Shop Til You Drop style when you need all the room you can get.


The Classic bucket shape is classy and generous in size.

The Diamond style helps you create a super cute small bag.

Fold it down to the Pyramid shape when you really want your bag to stand out.


Hypnotic luminous colours glow under lighting* so your bag helps reflect your happy personality. The unique reflective material shines in the sun and mesmerises everyone.

*this applies to the "Luminous Effect" color


Keep your stuff organised and easy to reach with several compartments. 

There’s enough room to fit everything you need so you won’t forget anything.

The zippered pocket is perfect for all the small stuff you don’t want to lose, and you’ll always have your phone handy in the dedicated pocket.