SlapShades™ Folding Sunglasses


Are you tired of losing tons of sunglasses throughout the summer?

Or rocking a pair that's boring and unattractive?

Say goodbye to losing your sunglasses ever again!

With the SlapShades™, you no longer worry about losing your sunnies ever again
  • Simply slap them onto anything and you’re ready to go
  • The cool design clips behind your ears for a snug fit with the ultimate comfort
  • They never fall off, no matter how wild your day gets
  • The high quality polarised lenses and 100% foldable design make them ideal for life on the go!
  • With 2 moves, you canstore them securelyas a bracelet to your wrist or on your bike’s handlebar

Say goodbye tolosing your glasses for good!



People spend 150 days of their life looking for lost things and glasses are the 4th most common lost item in the United States.


For the designer glasses you blew your savings on, you spend half the day stressed and worried, concerned not to drop them or forget them somewhere.


Do you prefer to wear glasses only to eventually lose them? Or did you decide it’s not worth the pain? Now youdon’t have to chooseYou can reap all the reward, withno risk at all.

Securely slap these sunnies on your wristto wear them as a bracelet and never worry about forgetting them somewhere.


Simply put SlapShades™ on and clip the temples toget the perfect fit for your face. Say goodbye to the days where you couldn’t run without sunnies! 


Click the temples into position andtrust your sunglasses stay there- even when you drop your keys on the ground and need to pick them up.


SlapShades come in a variant with high quality polarized lenses. They’re anti-glare so they helpprotect your eyes from radiation and make it easy for you tosee the beauty of the worldwithout hurting your eyes.

* Please note that all SlapShades™ come with grey coloured lenses.