ZenDiffuser™ LED Essential Oil Diffuser and Air Humidifier


Unwind and relax, with a SPA-like feeling in the comfort of your home, after a long day at work.

The ZenDiffuser's stylish wood grain finish matches any décor.

Small and discreet yet powerful enough tofill any large room.

Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to spread a lovely fragrance throughout your home.

The smart sensor automatically cuts off when the water is low so you never need to worry about burnout!

You can enjoy its benefits any time of the day and night.

The whisper-smooth mist creates a calm, relaxing environment and helps you breathe better no matter the season.

Choose from 7 LED colours to give your room a soothing atmosphere all night.

It is made with BPA FREE plastic - 100% safe for all ages.

The natural essential oils are safe and healthy for all your loved ones so you can say goodbye to toxic chemical sprays.

You can easily charge it using USB cable,making it perfect for at home and on the go.

Withwireless capabilities and a quiet design,aromatherapy has never been so easy.



Maintenance instructions:

  • Regularly clean and change cotton swabs
  • remember to add the spring wire with the cotton swabs; without the spring wire, there will be no mist coming out.
  • clean the atomiser plate with medical alcohol regularly
  • 4 hour operation with a maximum water amount of 130ml